The First Annual Sumac Hills Discstock was Saturday June 30th 2001.

We had 22 people play in the Random Doubles Disc Golf Tournament.

We had two bands later on including The Five Corners Bar houseband: the One Eyed Jacks and the bluegrass band: the Barking Frogs

Despite the rain the show did go on!

1.Chipper Ray *Congrats!
2.Brad Ray
3.Keith Pederson
4.Jason Ray
5.Tim Ray
6.Douglas Nelson
7.Pat Braun
7.Mike McLaughlin
9.Ben Weller
10.Mervin Larson
11.Jon Alvstad
12.Suneco South
13.Nathan Hansen
14.Riley Rogers
14.Eric Ray
16.Daniel Schauer
17.Kathy Ray
18.Eleanor Johnson
20.Alex Johnson
20.Steve Ray *Better luck against Eleanor next time!
22.Charlie Glasrud
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thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_13:53:37.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_13:53:38.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_13:56:03.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_14:56:04.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:53:38.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:53:39.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:56:03.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:56:04.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:56:06.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:56:07.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:56:38.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:56:39.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:57:04.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:57:38.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:58:04.jpg.png  thumbs/DS_2001-06-30_20:58:05.jpg.png